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Press Releases

HomeCU Announces New CEO

Boise, ID – August 26th, 2015 - HomeCU LLC announced today that it has hired a new CEO, Phil Magnuson.  With the formation of HomeCU LLC as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), Joe Pearson will eventually retire from HomeCU in the summer of 2016.  Phil joined the company in July 2015 and is working in tandem with Joe to provide a smooth transition for our customers........Read More


Newly formed CUSO Acquires HomeCU Home Banking and Internet Products

Boise, ID – September 2th, 2014 - HomeCU LLC today announced that it has acquired Database Management Services, Inc., (DMS, Inc.) including the popular HomeCU Internet Banking platform and all ancillary services and assets of DMS.............Read More


DMS, Inc., and FedComp, Inc., Announce Key Agreement to Migrate Credit Unions to the HomeCU Service

Boise, ID – September 24th, 2012 - DMS, Inc., today announced a key agreement with FedComp Inc., to transition all 130 FedComp VirtualCU clients to the HomeCU product. This new agreement gives FedComp credit unions a migration path to the HomeCU service as FedComp sunsets their VirtualCU Internet banking product................Read More


DMS / HomeCU and MoneyDesktop Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership

Boise, ID – September 24th, 2010 - DMS, Inc., the online solution provider of HomeCU, home banking for credit unions, today announced a key strategic alliance with MoneyDesktop, Inc.  The partnership was created to help credit unions improve their members' financial well-being with a robust set of financial management tools, including a powerful debt elimination feature-set...............Read More


Perfect Circle Credit Union becomes first HomeCU online banking customer to adopt DeepTarget OLB

Huntsville, AL, August 19, 2010 – DeepTarget Inc. (www.deeptarget.com) today announced that Perfect Circle Credit Union based in Hagerstown, Indiana became the first HomeCU online banking customer to implement DeepTarget OLB. HomeCU is the online banking service that is produced by Database Management Services Inc (DMS), based in Boise, Idaho. DMS, founded in 1989 to provide database services, currently serves 350 credit union customers with its popular online banking platform. With this implementation, the HomeCU platform now interfaces seamlessly with DeepTarget OLB, providing the ability for credit unions to cross-sell and communicate to members in a targeted manner within the online banking channel..............Read More


Database Management adds HomeCU Mobile Banking to suite of Mobile Account Management tools

Boise, Idaho - (August 20th, 2010) – Database Management Services, Inc. (DMS) today announced HomeCU Mobile Web, a Home Banking service designed to supplement the HomeCU Mobile Txt Banking. With HomeCU Mobile Web, members can browse the credit union home banking site and view screens designed for PDAs or small mobile web enabled devices. "Whether they wish to get balances with a simple text message or choose to do it via a mobile web device, we have your members covered" said DMS, Vice President Jan Brinkerhoff..............Read More