A service of HomeCU LLC.

It's All About Convenience.

As weird as it may seem to us, many members appreciate not having to come down to the credit union to see you. Our secure forms allow members to complete their loan or credit card applications and even their membership applications online.

With online forms, your staff will be able to process more applications more quickly. Best of all, everyone has good handwriting when they're typing!

Many home banking vendors offer secure forms, but frankly, we think ours are better than everyone else's. Here's why.

They're Smart—And Good-Looking Too!

First, with HomeCU, your forms are completely customizable. You can create any type of form, from loan applications to home banking sign-up forms, and you'll be able to collect exactly the information you need.

In addition, we'll custom-design your forms so that they match your other materials, including your logo and color scheme. Your online forms can look exactly like your current paper forms or, if you prefer, slightly different so that you can tell at a glance which forms were submitted online and which came in the old-fashioned way.

More Security. Less Gobbledy-Gook.

Second, and more importantly, HomeCU protects your members' security by storing completed forms on an SSL-encrypted server.

Most other home banking packages send the information from completed forms to the credit union as text-only e-mails. Not only do these e-mails read like a bunch of gobbledy-gook, they aren't safe! E-mail messages are not secure, and members' personal information can be stolen if loan applications and other secure documents are transmitted via e-mail.

HomeCU works differently. When a member completes a form at your site, we'll e-mail you a notification with a link to your administration page. After entering your username and password, you'll be able to see and print the completed form. This way, your members' information remains secure because it is password-protected and stored on a secure server. Not to mention that you get loan applications that actually look like loan applications.