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We'll make sure your site reflects your image and is easy to use.

Enhance Your Identity with a Professionally Designed Site

These days, everyone knows someone who knows a little html. In fact, you might even be able to convince a friend, family member, or employee to design your Web site for free. Unfortunately, in most of these cases, you get what you pay for.

If you already have a Web site you like, we'll be happy to add HomeCU home banking to your current site. But if you don't have a site or could use a redesign, our professional Web designer can work with you to create a custom site that will match your other marketing materials.

We don't just plug your name, address, and logo into a pre-designed form; we actually work with you to design Web pages that reflect your credit union's personality and meet your members' unique needs. Because our designer concentrates solely on credit union sites, he understands how to create sites that are easy for members to navigate. And of course when we design your site, you'll be assured of smooth integration between your public site and your home banking.

The information on some of your site's pages will probably change fairly frequently (for example, rate information), so we'll also show you how to update these pages on your own.

To see examples of the sites we've created for other credit unions click the "Web Design" link or visit www.homecuweb.com/.

Call Our Web Guy Anytime!

Our designer gets lonely sitting in his cubicle all day and loves it when clients give him a call. In fact, the more input you give him during the design process, the better. While you're working on the project, he'll give you a special URL where you can see the pages in development and suggest changes.

Once your site is up and running, don't stop calling! Anytime you have an idea for making your site better, we'll be happy to help. In many cases, we can make the changes our clients request right away and at no extra cost.

Affordable Design and Free Web Hosting

Because we design sites for clients who will be using our HomeCU home banking, we can charge less than other professional Web designers. Every site is different, so we don't have a set fee. But we will give you an up-front estimate based on a no-cost initial consultation to help us understand your needs.

Whether or not HomeCU designs your site, we'll host your site for free if you like. You don't have to use our free Web hosting services, but there are a lot of extra benefits if you do. You'll not only save on Internet Service Provider costs, you'll be able to use our loan and savings calculators and secure application forms. You'll also be able to use our server as a free e-mail server so that your employees and/or board members can have e-mail addresses with your unique domain name.